marco sosa

He holds a BA(Hons) in architecture, a fine-tune lambskin in Architecture, and a MA (with merits) on Architecture of Quick Adjustment and Equitable Resources,  he alike is a penis of the Proud Land of British Architects (RIBA). During his time at CACE, he has been actively problematical in the ontogenesis of the Plate Instauration program. In 2009, Marco liaised with Abu Dhabi Tourism and Civilization Authorisation to ease the annual involvement of CACE students for the volunteering program at Abu Dhabi Art, Manarat Al Saadiyat. In 2011, Marco instigated the Al Fanoon art and pattern student Tie at CACE, Abu Dhabi.

In 2014, Marco was appointed Summary of Design for the Beginning Home Marquise for the UAE at the Venice Architecture Biennale, the exhibition was highborn “Lest We Sink; Structures of Memory in the UAE” and it included research equanimous from a collaboration of many governmental, someone and educational institutions privileged the UAE, including inquiry material generated from CACE students and alumni.He has too designed, participated and curated exhibitions, countrywide and internationally.

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Marco was co-investigator for the successful ZU RIF yid for student and alumni based hunting, highborn “Lest We Entomb; Emirati Family Photographs, 20th C”  which culminated with an exhibition (curated by Dr. Michele Bambling,) and subject in 2013. The Search has now developed into a family initiatory, which employs CACE alumni and provides a plan for internships for current students privileged CACE and otc Colleges at ZU. In admittance, Sosa recognises the grandeur of scholar employment with the local building industry, he has facilitated the coordination and integration to the studio of various successful learner competitions including Capitala (2011), Mubadala Tennis pillage (2011-12), Porcelanosa (2015) and TCA mosque rival (2015)

Marco recognizes the impressiveness of merging art and figure disciplines as brisk ingredients forming the perfect conventionalism for an excellent search based BFA in Optic Arts, Brio, Lifelike and Internal Chassis. In 2012, Marco published the commencement daybook, chthonian the ZU Books tag, about the oldest track mosque in the UAE, highborn; “Al Bidiya Mosque, A opthalmic Try”.

Marco Sosa is an Couturier and has been training Interior Concept at the College of Arts and Creative Enterprises (CACE), Abu Dhabi campus, since 2009.

Marco is currently researching the application of maker socialisation to the build of Architecture of Quick Revision and Fair Resources for providing efficiently knowing and constructed structures in pinch areas and responding to mixer needfully.